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Alameda Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What are Alameda City Public Records?

Per the California Open Records Act, Alameda City public records refer to information preserved, maintained, created, or re-created by public agencies at the local and state level. Furthermore, public records in Alameda City encompass data stored in physical or digital formats, such as books, symbols, audio files, emails, videotapes, charters, maps, memoranda, notes, SMS, and graphs. However, not all public documents are open to public view. California's Open Records Law classifies certain documents as confidential and restricts the public from accessing such documents. Examples of exempted public records include the following:

  • Certain offenders' information that may violate the offender's privacy;
  • Personal information, such as social security numbers, driver's licenses, and credit card details;
  • Medical records that may violate a record bearer's privacy;
  • Information about attorney-client privilege.
  • Personnel data and similar files, such as salary information and employee misconduct investigations (if the charges are untrue after due investigations);
  • Architectural and official building plans of government-owned facilities;
  • Information used in voter registration, such as email address, home address, and other identifying information.
  • Preliminary or drafts used in decision-making by government agencies;
  • Juvenile records and information compiled by law enforcement agencies;
  • Data about pending litigation that involves a public agency or entity;
  • Law enforcement agencies’ investigatory files and procedures;
  • Minutes of the meeting of public entities closed to the public.

In addition to official sources, public city records may also be accessible from third-party websites. Record seekers may either opt to use these non-governmental platforms to search for a specific record or multiple city records. However, users will need to provide enough information to assist with the search such as:

  • The address of the requestor
  • A case number or file number (if known)
  • The location of the document or person involved
  • The name of the subject involved in the record (not juvenile)
  • The last known or current address of the registrant

Third-party sites are not sponsored by government agencies. Because of this, record availability and results may vary.

Alameda City Crime Statistics

The Alameda City Police Department (ACPD) generates and collates reports of all documented arrests in the city. Furthermore, the agency submits the collated information for inclusion in the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. Per the ACPD crime statistics for 2019, Alameda City recorded 2,741 index crimes (162 violent crimes and 2,579 property crimes).

The listed crimes in the report cover the following: seven rapes, 94 robberies, 61 aggravated assaults, 218 burglaries, 1,958 larceny thefts, 403 motor vehicle thefts, and 29 arson. Note that the city's police department did not record a murder in 2019. Within a two-year gap (2017 to 2019), crime rates in Alameda City slightly increased by 1.7 percent.

Are Alameda City Criminal Records Public?

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office is responsible for providing access to criminal records. Interested persons may be able to access Alameda City criminal records by contacting the Sheriff's Office in person or by writing to the department. Similarly, Alameda City criminal records may be obtainable from the Superior Court of California, Alameda County Division. As the custodian of criminal records in Alameda City, the agency allows public members to view non-confidential criminal records online or in person at the courthouse. To access Alameda City criminal records in person, requesters may contact the Clerk of the court where the case was heard. In addition, requesters can view criminal case information in public terminals located at the county's court in Alameda City.

Superior Court of Alameda - George E. McDonald Hall of Justice
2233 Shoreline Drive
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: (510) 263-4300

Alternatively, requesters can also get online copies of Alameda City criminal records. Persons may send a request for criminal records using the Criminal Record Request Portal.

Note: The California Open Records Act prevents the disclosure of confidential and sensitive criminal records to public members. For example, juvenile criminal records are generally exempt to public members, except to the record bearer, parents or guardians, and relevant authorities.

How to Obtain Alameda City Police Reports and Arrest Records

The Alameda City Police Department, via the Record Unit, is responsible for collating and storing all arrest records and police reports generated by the police department. Therefore, interested persons may access Alameda City police reports via in-person, mail, or email request options. Irrespective of the request method, interested persons can obtain Alameda police reports of arrest records using the steps outlined below:

  1. Gather the Necessary Documents

    Requesters must have the record bearer's driver's license or a signed authorization form from the record bearer. In addition, requesters must fill out a record request for release form.

    Note: requesters must have the legal right to access the police report or arrest record. In some cases, inmates are restricted from accessing police reports or arrest records.

  2. Submit the Necessary Documents

For in-person requests, requesters must present the necessary documents in person at the:

Alameda Police Department's - Records Window,
1555 Oak Street,
Alameda, CA 94501

Likewise, requesters may mail the required documents to the address below:

Alameda Police Department's
Attn: Records Unit,
1555 Oak Street,
Alameda, CA 94501

To obtain Alameda City police reports and arrest records via email, email the required document to It costs $5 to get a copy of the Alameda City incident report or crime report.

How to Find Sex Offender Information in Alameda City

In line with the Penal Code § 290.46, the California Megan's Law website provides information on all registered and absconded sex offenders in Alameda City. The online platform provides sex offenders' data, such as names and aliases, physical descriptions, addresses, and photographs. Interested persons or entities may obtain sex offender information via the following search options:

Requesters must fill out an offender's first and last name to obtain information via the name-based search. In contrast, the advanced offender search enables requesters to search for offenders in a particular location.

How to Find Alameda City Inmate Records

Alameda inmate records are maintained and collated by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office maintains an online database where interested public members can access records of all incarcerated and paroled offenders. Interested persons can obtain Alameda City inmate records by filling out these data:

  • Offender's full name;
  • PFN;
  • Date of birth
  • Sex.

How Do I Visit an Inmate in Alameda City Jail?

Friends, families, and professional visitors can visit Alameda City inmates at either Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility or Santa Rita Jail. The detention facilities are located at:

Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568
Phone: (925) 551-6500

Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility
550 6th Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: (510) 268-7777

Visitors must schedule an appointment to visit inmates at these detention facilities. Furthermore, visitors must schedule appointments online via the GTL website. Only two persons are allowed per visiting booth, and parents or guardians must accompany minors. During visitation, visitors must adhere to the jail guidelines. For example, they must dress conservatively and provide valid government-issued identification to enter the facility.

Also, visitors must check in with the jail officers at least 30 minutes before the appointed visitation time.

Conducting a search is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

What are Alameda City Vital Records?

Alameda City’s vital records are all documentation of life events within the city. In addition, vital records in Alameda City generally contain information on birth, death, marriage, and divorce events. These vital records are generated and maintained by government agencies at the local and state level. For example, the Alameda County Clerk Recorder's Office is the custodian of birth, marriage, and death records in Alameda City. In contrast, the Superior Court of California in Alameda County is the primary custodian of all documented divorce events.

Where and How to Obtain Alameda City Divorce Records

Interested persons and entities can obtain Alameda City divorce records by contacting the Superior Court of California in Alameda County. Requesters may opt to obtain divorce records via mail requests or by visiting the following court locations:

Superior Court of Alameda - Hayward Hall of Justice
24405 Amador Street
Hayward, CA 94544
Phone: (510) 690-2700

Superior Court of Alameda - Rene C. Davidson County Courthouse
1225 Fallon Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 891-600

To obtain divorce records via mail, interested persons must send a written request detailing the record bearer's names, divorce date, and the court where the divorce occurred. Requesters must attach the payment fee as a check or money order to the Clerk of the above-listed Court addresses.

Where and How to Get Public Alameda City Marriage Records

The Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office is the custodian of all marriage licenses generated in Alameda City. It is also responsible for issuing confidential and non-confidential Alameda City marriage certificates. Note that the record custodian will only give confidential marriage records to the following:

  • The record subjects;
  • The record subject's immediate family members and close relations;
  • Authorized personnel like law enforcement agencies, will executors, and legal representatives.

Other public members may provide a notarized authorization form from a record subject before accessing confidential copies of Alameda City marriage certificates. Marriage records in Alameda City are accessible via online or offline means. To obtain the documents online, interested persons must visit the Clerk-Recorder's website and fill out the record subject's full name, marriage date and place, and the required number of copies. On the other hand, requesters may obtain Alameda City marriage records by filling out a request form. After filling out the form, requesters must attach a money order or check for $17 and send it to the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office at:

Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office
1106 Madison Street
Oakland, CA 94607

For an in-person request for marriage records, visit the Clerk-Recorder's Office at the address below:

Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office
1106 Madison Street
Oakland, CA 94607.

Where and How to Find Alameda City Birth Records

Alameda City birth records are under the County Clerk-Recorder's jurisdiction. The Clerk-Recorder's Office provides access to both unrestricted and informational copies of birth certificates. Although informational birth records are accessible to all public members, the Clerk-Recorder discloses unrestricted birth records to the following requesters:

  • The record subject;
  • Persons or entities empowered by court order or a licensed adoption agency;
  • A government employee;
  • Families of the record subject (child, brother, sister, grandchild, grandparent, spouse, or domestic partner);
  • Legal representatives of the record subject.

The Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office maintains online, mail, and in-person options for accessing birth records.

Requesters may use the online platform to access either unrestricted or informational copies of birth certificates.

Alternatively, requesters must follow these steps to access birth records via mail requests.

  1. First, print and fill out the birth record application form
  2. Send the mail application alongside the payment to the address below:

Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office
1106 Madison Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Cashier checks, money orders, or traveler’s checks are the preferred payment methods for mail requests. It costs $30 to obtain Alameda City birth records.

Furthermore, interested persons may visit the Clerk-Recorder's Office at the above address to obtain birth certificates.

Where and How to Find Alameda City Death Records

Interested public members may obtain Alameda City death certificates by contacting the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office. As the custodian of death records in Alameda City, the govt office provides access to death records from 1893. Also, it maintains both informational and unrestricted death records. Nevertheless, only eligible persons (the record subject, legal representatives, funeral directors, and family members) can access unrestricted death records.

Furthermore, there are three options for accessing death records in Alameda City - online or offline request option.

To obtain death records online, interested persons must visit the Clerk-Recorder's online request portal and fill out the required data. To access unrestricted copies of the document, requesters must select their relationship with the record subject and fill out the following data:

  • The name listed on the death certificate;
  • Date of death;
  • City of death;
  • The number of requested copies.

For in-person requests for death records, requesters must present an unsigned authorization document from the record subject, a valid government-issued I.D. to the Clerk-Recorder at the location provided below:

Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office
1106 Madison Street
Oakland, CA 94607.

Note that failure to present the required document will lead to a cancellation of the order.

Requesters must fill out the death record application form to find Alameda City death records via mail-in requests. Next, the written application must be notarized and sent to the Clerk-Recorder's Office at:

Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office
1106 Madison Street
Oakland, CA 94607.

Death certificates in Alameda City cost $23 per copy. The Clerk-Recorder's Office only accepts money orders or checks for mail-in requests. In contrast, it allows credit/debit cards and cash payments for in-person orders.