Instant Access to California State, San Francisco County and Municipal Records

"Publicly available records are a fundamental guarantee of our Freedoms & Democracy."
William Ratcher - Founder of

California Public Records

California State Records mission is to grant every person the right to detect, obtain, preview and examine public records, thus enabling the residents of the state of California to become more knowledgeable about state and the local government activities and the conduct of the people within.

The main purpose for granting this access is to provide citizens and other interested individuals the opportunity to research publicly recorded subjects openly and in a very accessible and decisive way, in accordance with the California Public Records Act that ruled in favor of the presumption of public access The requester/citizen does not have to support or state the “need to know” in order to obtain, preview and examine public records. Therefore, all public records are subject to reveal unless the legislature has expressively stated otherwise.

California State Records provides information about the following subject matters: Criminal Records, Court Records, Vital Records and State Background Checks. This summing of the information in the number of over 350 million proper public records provides an organized way to pursue and access publicly available information among a lawful, controlled and organized environment.

The search functionality provided in this portal is presented instantly and accurately for state public access. California public records are gathered from as far back as the year of 1850, contain information from 58 of counties and are publicly available resources; thereby continuing to ensure our community remains a “free and just” society for all.