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Merced County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Criminal Records

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office serves as the main law enforcement agency for the county. County residents can obtain copies of public criminal records by visiting the main office or any of the sub-stations. Interested parties may be required to provide related information such as a case number (if known), the victim's name, and the date and location of the event.

Merced Main Office
This office serves Merced, Le Grand, Planada, El Nido, Snelling, and Winton cities
700 W. 22nd Street
Merced, CA 95340
Phone: (209) 385-7444
Jail Phone: (209) 385-7410
Jess "Pooch" Bowling Justice Center

This office serves the cities of Los Banos, Gustine, Santa Nella, Volta, Santa Rita Park, Dos Palos, and South Dos Palos:

445 "I" Street
Los Banos, CA 93635
Phone: (209) 710-6000 or (209) 827-2110
Charles F. Bludworth Station

This office serves Hilmar, Delhi, Stevinson, Ballico, Livingston, and Unincorporated Turloc cities:

9481 Shanks Road
Delhi, CA 95315
Phone: (209) 385-7660

How to Find the Sex Offender Registry

Information about sex registrants and offenders in Merced county can be accessed on the California Megans Law Website. It serves as a repository for sex offenders who are subject to public disclosure under California law. Access to this site is restricted to non-sex offenders.

How to Get Inmate and Jail Information

Merced county provides public access to arrest and inmate information via the office of the Merced County Sheriff. Details of current inmates may be accessed using the county's inmate inquiry log.

Court Records

Where and How to Get Court Records

The Superior Court of the county of Merced provides public access to non-confidential case records. Supplicants may request the documents of interest via mail or self-serve in person using the court's public terminals and databases. The Superior Court of the County of Merced also handles local requests for criminal records.

How to Get Criminal Court Records

Requestors can obtain criminal court records by submitting a search and copy request to the Superior Court of the County of Merced. Submission and search may be done in-person or via mail or email. Requests must be accompanied by a cheque to cover search fees and details of the registrant. Applications must also be sent to the division responsible for criminal hearings and criminal-record related requests, located at:

Merced County Superior Court - Los Banos Division
Robert M. Falasco Justice Center
1159 G Street, Los Banos, CA 93635

Alternatively, supplicants may contact the Criminal Records Division of the Merced County District Attorney's office at 2093857616. Each search request must be accompanied by a completed record-search/copy form along with a stamped self-addressed envelope and any applicable fees. To access juvenile, confidential and sealed case records, requests must also be accompanied by a court order.

Location of All Courts in the County

Interested parties are typically required to send record requests to the specific location where the queried case type is handled. Below is a list of all the Superior court locations in Merced county.

The Los Banos division hears matters relating to civil, criminal, probate, family law, and adult and juvenile traffic matters:

Merced County Superior Court - Los Banos Division
Robert M. Falasco Justice Center
1159 G Street, Los Banos, CA 93635
Phone: (209) 725-4124
Fax: (209) 725-4125

The New Courthouse location hears cases of criminal and family law matters.

Merced County Superior Court - New Courthouse (N Street Building)
2260 North Street, Merced, CA 95340
Phone: (209) 725-4100

The Old Courthouse division handles civil and small claims matters.

Merced County Superior Court - Old Courthouse (21st Street Building)
627 West 21st Street, Merced, CA 95340
Phone: (209) 725-4100

The traffic division handles adult traffic matters exclusively.

Merced County Superior Court - Traffic Division
720 West 20th Street, Merced, CA 95340
Phone: (209) 725-4107
Fax: (209) 725-4106

This Juvenile division hears cases of juvenile traffic matters as well as juvenile delinquency.

Merced County Superior Court - Juvenile Division
2840 West Sandy Mush Road, Merced, CA 95341
Phone: (209) 725-4119
Fax: (209) 726-6585

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Vital Records

The State of California maintains and issues vital records of Merced County through the Vital Records office of the CA Department of Public Health. However, records of events earlier than July 1905 are only available in the office of the County Recorder of Merced County. Records may be requested at the state level, county level or both.

Where and How to Get Divorce Records

The Office of the Superior Court Clerk of the County of Merced attends to requests pertaining to records of divorce and dissolution of civil unions. Querying parties are required to have or obtain the personal information and/or case number of registrant(s) in order to render a search request via mail, utilize the court's public databases or request clerk-assisted searches in person.

Search requests expected to take longer than 10 minutes necessitate a fee of $15 per search. If certified copies are also requested, an additional $25 would be charged. This excludes the cost of making duplicate copies, which may be included at the rate of $0.50 per copy. Requests sent via mail must include a completed copy of the record request form, a stamped self-addressed envelope along with a money order or signed check with a not-to-exceed notation of an estimated amount (if unsure of the total amount due).

Similarly, in-person requests require completion of the record request form and payment of the stated fee. Should the search take less than 10 minutes, the requestor will be exempt from paying the $15 search fee. However, supplicants with limited information about the registrant(s) will be charged the search fee. Both in-person and mail submissions may be made to:

Merced Superior Court,
New Courthouse
2260 N St
Merced, CA 95340

Alternately, requestors may contact the Superior Court Clerk at (209) 725-4100.

Where and How to Get Marriage Records

Public marriage records are maintained and issued by the Merced County Recorder's office. Certified copies of these records can be solicited in person or by mail provided the marriage occurred no later than 1850 and is not confidential. Confidential marriage and civil union records can be requested during working hours and in person from the office of the County Clerk at, 2222 M St. Merced, CA 95340.

To access a copy of a marriage certificate, supplicants are required to provide:

  • The given name of both parties.
  • The city of licensing or place of marriage.
  • The date of marriage.

The relevant information must be accompanied by a non-refundable cash(in person) or money order(via mail) payment of $15, made payable to the Merced County Recorder. Requestors will then be entitled to a Certificate of No Record if the sought document is not found. In-person or mail queries should be made to:

The Recorder's Office
2222 M St., Main Floor
Merced, CA 95340

Where and How to Find Birth & Death Records

Records of birth and death in Merced County are managed by the Merced County Recorder's Office. Parties interested in accessing these records are required to be authorized individuals who must be one of the following:

  • The individual named in the document.
  • A legal guardian, domestic partner or sibling, child, grandchild or grandparent of the above-mentioned individual.
  • An attorney, law enforcement agent or legally licensed individual seeking the record for legal purposes.
  • An employee, acting on behalf of any of the above persons.

Unauthorized persons may only receive an informational copy which is not considered valid to establish the identity of the holder or registrant. Veritably authorized individuals may request certified copies of the records by completing and notarizing a copy of an application for a certified copy of a birth or death record and sending it, along with a non-refundable payment of $25 or $21 for birth or death certificates respectively to:

The Recorder's Office
2222 M St., Main Floor
Merced, CA 95340

Are Property Records Open to the Public in Merced County?

The U.S State of California, by its Public Record Act, makes available Merced County property records to anyone interested in inspecting or obtaining them. People can access Merced County property records by sending a request to the office of Merced County Recorder. However, they may have to pay prescribed fees to obtain copies of the documents.

Where and How to Find Property Records in Merced County

The Merced County Recorder examines, records, indexes, and files property documents such as deeds, liens, certificates of discharge, maps, and notices. The Recorder also certifies and issues copies of property records to requesters upon payment of prescribed fees. The Recorder makes available to the public property documents recorded since 1963 on its website. However, Copies of property records filed before1963 can be obtained by visiting the Recorder's office between 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. every weekday at:

M Street
Merced, CA 95340

People can also send a fax to (209) 385-7626 or call the Recorder's Office at (209) 385-7627 to find Merced County property records.

How to Look Up Merced County Property Records

The Merced County Recorder maintains an online database of property records within Merced County. Anyone can conduct an online search by clicking on the "search" option on the platform. Requesters can search using the property owner's name, the document number, the map, the recording date, or book and page details. The name search is the default search parameter on the platform. Users are encouraged to add a partial first name when conducting a search using the property owner's name to avoid the system timing out during longer searches. Applicants may have to pay prescribed fees to obtain copies of requested documents.

The County recorder also maintains Parcel Map information which is available for viewing and downloading online. To access the information, requesters may have to provide their Assessor's Parcel Number’s (APN) first five digits as stated on their tax bill.

The online database contains only property records filed since 1963. However, people can access copies of property records filed before1963 by contacting the Recorder's office at:

M Street
Merced, CA 95340
Phone: (209) 385-7627
Fax : (209) 385-7626

The Recorder's office is open between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every weekday.

Location of Merced County Township Property Assessors

M Street
Merced, CA 95340
Phone: (209) 385-7631
Fax: (209) 725-395