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Sutter County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What are Sutter County Arrest Records?

Sutter county arrest records contain information about an individual’s identification and criminal history. It contains the individual’s name, their birthdate, physical description, fingerprints, date of arrest, charges and arresting agency

Arrest records are usually created and maintained by the law enforcement agency that makes the arrest and the court that issues the warrant. The county sheriff is responsible for executing warrants and therefore has a database of arrest records within the county, alongside the Clerk-Recorder’s office.

According to the California Public Records Act, private citizens are permitted access to their personal arrest records and warrant information is available to interested members of the public. Occasionally, law enforcement agencies provide this access to warrant information so that citizens can help with the whereabouts of wanted individuals.

In California, arrest records remain on file forever, or at least, until the individual is dead or arrested, or until the records are expunged, sealed, or destroyed.

What are Sutter County Crime Rates?

Crime rates in Sutter county are relatively low. The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) creates a national set of crime statistics for annual analysis based on eight crimes which are fundamental for comparison in the United States. According to the 2014 publication, Sutter county reported a total of 316 violent crimes with 24 forcible rapes, 66 robberies, 226 incidents of aggravated assaults, and no homicides. On the other hand, there were 2364 property crimes reported in the same year with 627 burglaries, 239 motor vehicle thefts, and 1498 incidents of larceny.

This data is curated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with the help of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Sutter County's Sheriff department collects and reports these statistics to the California Department of Justice annually and uses the data to direct law enforcement resources within the county.

Certain conclusions have been drawn from the above data;

  • Crime rates in Sutter County are 30% lower than the national average
  • Violent crimes in Sutter County are 25% lower than the national average
  • Sutter County is safer than 44% of the cities and counties of the United States.
  • An individual in Sutter County has a 1 in 56 chance of becoming a victim of crime
  • Annual crime in the county has decreased by 6%

What are Sutter County Criminal Records?

Criminal records in Summer County are records containing information about an individual’s criminal activity or involvement in one. They offer a record of all non-expunged criminal offenses, i.e all criminal offenses not exempted by law.

They are available at the county, state, and federal levels, and different law enforcement agencies often maintain their own separate databases to make this information available to the public

What is Contained in a Criminal Record?

All County Criminal Records will include the following information;

  • County-level misdemeanor cases
  • Criminal convictions over time
  • Docket or case file numbers
  • Names and all known aliases
  • Known addresses
  • Family(Spouses and dependents)
  • Social Security numbers
  • Birthdates
  • Driver's license numbers
  • Occupation and Name of employer
  • Subject’s Physical description
  • Charges and Trial transcripts
  • Names of attorneys involved
  • Probation Reports

District/Circuit Court Criminal Records in addition to the above will include the following information;

  • Docket number
  • Names, aliases, and addresses of plaintiffs and defendants
  • Occupations, employers, types of business
  • Attorneys of record
  • Judgments

Criminal records for Traffic Tickets will include the following information;

  • Date, time and location of the violation
  • Officer's name
  • Tag number
  • Vehicle make, model, and year.

How Do I Get Sutter County Criminal Records?

Typically, the office where the crime is recorded maintains a database of all criminal records. In Sutter County, the Clerk’s office keeps the criminal records of all crimes recorded in the county, so does the Sherrif Department.

The Sutter County Clerk-Recorder's office provides an online database that allows the members of the public to search the index of the official records by name, date, document number, and/or document title.

Other sources of criminal records in the county could also extend to;

  • The Department of Public Safety within the state sometimes archives criminal records.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) provides access to criminal history records for a fee. For the FBI though, requests must be made by mail.
  • The United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Database also has a searchable database of all known sex offenders.

Where Can I Find Sutter County Sex Offender Information?

The county provides access to sex offender information through the California Department of Justice Megan’s Law Website. The website records the full name, last known address, physical description, and personal information of the offender. It also indicates when an offender is in violation of the registration requirements.

The information on registered sex offenders in the county is derived from the California Sex and Arson Registry (CSAR) and is available to the public for their protection.

Megan’s Law which was enacted in 1996 mandates the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) to inform the members of the public about registered sex offenders. The law was named after 7-year-old Megan Kanka who was raped and killed by a child molester who had moved to the family’s vicinity without their knowledge. The law seeks to avoid a reoccurrence and ensure the safety of California citizens.

The California Sex and Arson Registry is a database of sex offender information and provided to local enforcement agencies by the offender after being released.

How Do I Visit an Inmate in Sutter County Jail?

Inmates at the Sutter County jail are allowed 2 visits with at least one hour per week.

Visitors are to abide by the following rules to be granted access at the County jail;

  • Visitors are entitled to 30 minutes per visit.
  • One visitor will be allowed at a time, except children.
  • No contact allowed during visits
  • Inmates are not allowed to receive from visitors or give items to them.
  • Visitors are not allowed to wear revealing clothes or any outfit deemed inappropriate by the jail staff.
  • Visitors must sign up to visit inmates before visiting hours as no appointments are allowed.
  • Late visitors will have to visit on another day.
  • Visitors may be able to visit more than one inmate on the same day, provided one visit is completed before signing up for another all within the scheduled time.
  • Members of the law enforcement agencies, attorneys, probation officers, and other professionals are allowed to visit inmates 24 hours daily with appropriate credentials.

Where and How to Find Sutter County Inmate Information

The Sutter County Sheriff's Office provides all jail-related information, so does the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the California Inmate Search digital platform.

The Sutter County inmate database allows inquirers to search for inmate’s information with their names, birthdates, and date of arrest.

An inmate could also be located using the State of California’s Inmate Locator database and all that is required to search is the inmate number or full name.

To confirm the accuracy of the inmate information or to conduct a further search, the inquirer could contact the facility, the Sheriff’s department, and the Office of the Clerk-Recorder.

What are Sutter County Court Records?

When a case is filed in court, the court will keep an official record about it, this record is called a Court Record. Sutter County keeps all court records in either Electronic or Paper format and to access them,

  • The inquirer could visit the court to inspect paper records or have them mailed
  • The inquirer could also view the electronic records on the court’s digital database

The Sutter County Clerk recorder in a bid to improve access to records digitized non-expunged records, including vital, arrest, criminal and court records, hence, they are accessible on the office’s website.

Most court records are available to members of the public unless exempted or sealed by law, for example, cases of juvenile delinquency and dependency. In that case, no one from the public would be able to view the record at the courthouse or except through remote access by an authorized individual or a party in the case.
The following individuals may be able to access full court records using remote access;

  • Parties involved in the case
  • Individuals Authorized Parties
  • Party’s Attorney Individuals appointed by the Court
  • Legal Aid Staff
  • State and local government agencies staff

Location of All Courts in Sutter County

Here’s the location of all courts within Sutter County:

Sutter County Superior Courthouse
1175 Civic Center Blvd,
Yuba City, CA 95993
(530) 822-3300

Courthouse West
446 Second St
Yuba City, CA 95991
(530) 822-3309

Courthouse East
463 Second St
Yuba City, CA 95991
(530) 822-3303

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What are Sutter County Vital Records?

Sutter County’s vital records are maintained by the California Department of Public Health-Vital Records. However, they can be accessed locally through the Office of Clerk-Recorder where there’s every record of births, deaths, marriages, and divorces within the county. The vital records document life events like births, deaths, marriages, and divorces.

Where and How to Get Sutter County Divorce Records

The California Department of Public Health Vital Records (CDPH-VR) maintains divorce records for 1962-June 1984 0nly. The department cannot provide records beyond these years, nor can it provide the actual divorce decrees. The CDPH-VR can only provide Certificate of Record with;

  • Names of parties involved,
  • Filing date,
  • County
  • Case number.

Only the superior court at the county where the divorce took place, in this case, Sutter county can provide the actual divorce decrees, hence, the CDPH-VR encourages inquirers to request divorce records from the counties.

The inquirer could fill the Application for Certificate Record and also attach the requested $14 per copy payment to request for a copy of divorce records.

All applications and written inquiries at the state level could be sent to;

California Department of Public Health- Vital Records
P.O. Box 997410
Sacramento CA, 95899-7410
(916) 445-2684

Where and How to Get Sutter County Marriage Records

Marriage records in California are usually available six months after the date of the ceremony.

California Department of Public Health-Vital Records (CDPH-VR) keeps vital records such as marriage records, however, the department can only provide records from;

  • 1905-2000
  • 2009- To date.

The department does not maintain marriage records that fall under the following categories;

  • Marriages that happened between 2000-2008
  • Confidential marriage records
  • Marriages that are still within the six- months window after the date of the ceremony.

If the department is unable to provide records based on request and information provided by the inquirer, it will issue a Certificate of No Public Record (CNPR).

Sometimes, couples issue a confidential marriage license that protects all personal information on the records from public view. Records like these are only available to the parties involved unless there is a court order.

CDPH-VR does not maintain records of confidential marriages, these can be found on the enclosed list of the County Clerk’s office where the license was originally issued.

The department provides 2 types of marriage records/certificates;

  • Certified Copy (Available only to authorized persons)
  • Certified Informational Copies (Available to any interested inquirer)

To receive the Certified copy, the inquirer must provide a notarized sworn statement affirming under the penalty of perjury that the inquirer is authorized by law to receive a copy. Also, the statement must include the names of the parties involved and the inquirer’s relationship to them.

If the inquirer cannot provide a sworn statement, the request will be denied.

The Certified informational copy always carries a seal that states “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY. The inquirer is expected to complete the application form provided by the department and a $15 fee for every copy requested.

Sutter county recorder,
433 Second Street,
Yuba City, CA 95991,
(530) 822-7134

Where and How to Get Sutter County Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records are usually available 2 weeks after the date of the event. The records could be requested from the county of birth or from the California Department of Public Health- Vital Records.

The department issues the

  • Certified copy to authorized persons
  • Certified informational copy to interested inquirers.

Certified copies are used to establish the subject's identity. The inquirer of a certified copy is expected to provide a notarized sworn statement to affirm authorization by law to receive the document.

Each copy of birth records costs $25 dollars and this should be paid to complete an application for birth records. Only specific individuals can receive an ‘authorized certified copy” of birth, death, and non-confidential marriage record. According to the California Health and Safety Code Section 103526, these specific and authorized individuals include;

  • The subject of the record (The Certificate Holder)
  • A parent or Legal guardian of the certificate holder
  • A person authorized by court order
  • An attorney
  • An adoption agency
  • Members of a law enforcement and government agency on official business
  • A family member of the certificate holder. (Grandparent, child, sibling, grandchild, and spouse).
  • An attorney representing the Certificate Holder.
  • A funeral director in the case of death records.

An authorized certified copy of a birth record is essential to obtain a driver's license, passport, social security card, and other documents related to an individual’s identity.

An AUTHORIZED CERTIFIED COPY of a death record is required to obtain death benefits, claim insurance proceeds, notify social security, etc.

When inquiring, an authorized individual must complete an approved application including a sworn statement under penalty of perjury to receive an AUTHORIZED CERTIFIED COPY.

To obtain birth records, the inquirer is expected to provide;

  • Birth name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents' names, including mother’s maiden name.
  • $25 for each copy

For Death records, the inquirer is required to provide;

  • Name of deceased
  • Date and place of death
  • $21 for each copy.

All requests must have the following;

  • An Address to mail the copy to
  • A daytime phone number in case there are issues
  • A check or money order to pay for requested copies
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope may speed return
  • Number of copies being requested

If inquirer prefers to order by mail, copy requests should be mailed to:

Sutter County Clerk-Recorder
433 Second Street
Yuba City, CA 95991